Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The name game

My family has a thing with names. I guess when my parents were born in the 50's with the names John and Debbie, they wanted their kids to have one of a kind names.
First came my spunky sister Arianne, then came my brother Johnathan (a little spin from John, but he got off pretty easily in my opinion). Then came their lovely, beautiful fabulous third child... :) ME...(A.K.A Carrington) and then came their baby boy Harrison. Arianne always gets confused as Mary-anne, or Arianna. When she was younger she tried to change her name to Stephanie. Instead she just grew up and became best friends with THIS one. We always called my brother Johnny, and he hated it when he got to Junior high, and insisted we all call him "John", but it never really stuck with all of us. When he was young he wanted to be called "Jeffery Free". For me, most people confuse my first name as a last name, tell me they have "never heard that one before", and ask me how to spell it a million times. When I was just learning how to talk my mom kept calling me her "cutie-pie". I began to repeat it as "Tootie-pie" since I couldn't really get out the words. I soon became known as Tootie to all my family and close friends. I will sometimes run into old friends of my parents that knew me as a baby in the mall, and they will start waving and yelling "Hi Tootie!" and make me want to run away. However, when I became an Aunt, my Sister insisted that "Aunt Carrington" was just too stinkin' hard, and so I once again became Tootie to them, but I love being their Aunt Tootie. Harrison (A.K.A. Unkie Harry). He always says "yes, like Harrison Ford." For awhile he didn't pronounce his name fully, he always left out a syllable sounding like "Harr-son" which drove me crazy. I think he has finally figured that one out.

Some other unique names in my family?
My husband is Wade who people always confuse as Wayne. His first name is actually Dennis... just really confusing.
Both of my mothers are not "grandmothers" but other cool names. My mom is Mute (pronounced Moo-tee, and its German for mother), and Wade's mom is Nune (pronounced Noon-ee) and it was what they called her grandmother.

Oh, and I will end with the most confusing of all... the last name. Beauchamp. It looks like a beautiful name, its just really hard for most people to pronounce, and I don't blame them. It looks like it would sound like beau-shamp, but it actually sounds like beech-um.

What unique names do you have in your family?

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Ha- I don't think I knew that about Arianne wanting to be Stephanie. For real? I always liked my name. I was supposed to be Tiffany but my parents changed it after I was born.

My best friend in high school was Deliverance. That was a kinda different name!


To Think is to Create said...

Ha--You left out the part where I wished my last name was Jones. So nice and normal!

Cousin Kathryn said...

Yeah Johnny will always be Johnny to me. :-)

Jonmikel's name is always tough. His dad was kind of a hippie. Most of the time he just goes by "Jon" to avoid being called "John Paul." And then his last name is "Pardo," which is a big Spanish name, so when he stays in hotels and such anywhere in the southwest or Puerto Rico, people immediately begin to speak to him in Spanish. It's kinda cool. :-)

Jordan said...

Ha ha, so funny! I remember when we first met Wade and we were like, "What is your name?". And he said "Ya, like 'wade' in the water" HA!