Friday, December 21, 2007


My computer charger has died, and so I haven't been able to post anything.  I apologize for the lack of updates.  It seems funny that I can post during labor and not afterwards.  Well I am writing this from a borrowed computer (thanks mom!), and a new charger is on its way.  

This week has been wonderful.  I feel like my adjustment and transition to these things has gone well.  I think I expected it to be much harder these first days then it has.  However, I did have a twinge of fear as my mom (who is staying with us) went out shopping tonight and left me alone with Capri for the first time.  Wade got home a few hours later, and I was totally fine, but I was a little panicked for a moment.  

Capri is the just the most precious thing I've ever seen.  It's really easy to know when she is hungry because she does this really funny thing that Wade calls "snarling" and if I can get a picture of it, I will totally post it!  She turns her head one way or another and gives a "snarl" I guess looking for the boob, but its really cute.  
She is always sleeping with her eyes open and giving big smiles (while asleep!).  Last night I rolled over in bed (she sleeps with us, its the best thing ever) and it was really dark, but I could see her with her eyes open smiling at me and she was totally asleep, it made me laugh. 

She loves her daddy's voice, and he is the only one that can calm her down sometimes.  She is a great little nurser and I think its because she has a big mouth like her mommy.  She hasn't quite figured out what to do with herself when she is awake and she seems to get anxious and upset, and so we have discovered a swing (thanks Arianne!) and that seems to keep her occupied and happy. I can't wait until I am feeling better and able to get stuff done around the house, because then I can put her in the sling, and I am sure she will love it! 
She went on her first outing on Tuesday, all the way down the street to my sister's house for small group!  She did great and it was really great to get out of the house.  We will venture out again for church, and maybe tomorrow for some shopping.  
I am also experiencing all of the hormonal changes, and some nights I am just a little sad and I can't figure out why.  My in-laws sent Christmas presents to us, and in one of those hormonal moments, I decided that it would make me feel a lot better to open up some presents.  To all the family in AZ reading this- Sorry!  Sorry we didn't wait until Christmas.  I was feeling bad about it later, but it really did make me happy in that moment!  I thought "hey, I deserve this!", so we had a little Christmas morning.  My favorite gift?  A rockin' new coat from my sister in law and her family.  I'm really excited to get out of the house to wear it!  

Well, I hope to get some more pictures up soon, it might wait until I can get on my computer, but we will see.  

Merry Christmas!


To Think is to Create said...

I was remembering tonight that she might need adjusting and that's why she's fussin. I totally forgot about the huge benefits for infants to see the chiro, since they had all that squishing going on during labor and birth. Plus she did a whole lot of gymnastics there at the end, so it might be a good thing. It's very gentle, so nothing to worry about.

Keep doing your cream, opening the shades for light and staying in touch with all of your clan and those baby blues will get less and less. Even when you are alone at night, God is still right there beside you.

This Military Mama said...

Hey girl!

WoW! Can I relate to your post! Emma totally gets a 'snarl' too! I think it's so adorable and I hope to get to see Capri's 'snarl' one day.

I'm so glad you had such a good experience when it was just you taking care of Capri. I know you are a great mom and I'm so glad you had such a confidence building evening.

The baby blues do get better! When you wake in the middle of the night you can call me if you need to talk! Emma has her days and nights mixed right now so I am up until about 3 in the morning. 5am your time! So feel free to call!

I love you and I am so glad you are enjoying being a mom and you've had such an amazing first week!

InTheFastLane said...

As much as I don't want any more kids, this made me miss my babies.

Jordan said...

Hey sweetie! I'm so happy you had a chance to update your blog. I seriously look at it about 5 times a day to see if there's anything new! I think about you all the time and just wonder what you and little Capri are doing together. Give me a call whenever you get a chance, we have so much to catch up on!
Love you