Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Water Just Broke

Ok, so you know last night when I said "maybe this is the calm before the storm?" Well, I guess so. I felt great last night but when I went to sleep I tossed and turned all night, and I couldn't sleep. I stayed in bed but didn't get much sleep. I woke up at 7 this morning and shortly after that, I was in my bathroom washing my hands and I felt some liquid. I thought "did I just pee and didn't know it?" Then I turn towards the potty and more comes out, and I have been leaking ever since! Now, I am so confused. I thought that your water broke when you were further along in labor, and I haven't had any contractions since I woke up and I actually feel better now (like last night) then I have in days!

So, I could go into labor today, or I could give birth in the next few days according to my midwife
Well, I am excited and looking forward to seeing my daughter! Today is my grandma's birthday, happy birthday Grandma!

I am off to go back to bed and try to get plenty of rest before stuff starts to happen.
Please pray for safe labor and delivery as well as safe weather so that all of those that are traveling (midwife, assistant, doula) can arrive safely.

Love you lots!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am so excited! That is exactly how it happened with Carter- my water started leaking early in the day and all day long- however I just thought it was my bladder!! Can't wait to meet Miss Capri!


New Mama's Nest said...

We can't wait to meet Capri! So excited for you all! We'll be praying away!!!


Harry said...


Jordan said...

Oh honey I am SO excited!! I'm almost crying! Ha ha. I will definitely be praying for you. Make sure and let me and Chel know when you're close.
I love you sweetie.
Can't wait to see pictures of your beautiful little girl.


To Think is to Create said...

So many are praying for you and Capri, many that you don't even know. Peace is yours.

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting! I can't wait to hear the update. I love births! I found your blog through Stephs!

Stephanie said...

Congrats! I'm sure your little one will be here soon...

That photo of you looking out the window is beautiful!

Analisa said...

Also found you via Steph, and also think the photo is gorgeous. Prayers and best wishes to you. You certainly can't go wrong with your doula! ;)