Saturday, December 1, 2007

1st of December

Today was a beautiful, relaxing day.
It started snowing and I thought that it would be like it has been (snowing but not sticking), and so I admired the beauty of the snowfall but went on with what I was doing. THEN about 15 minutes later I look outside and there is a BLANKET of snow all over! I was shocked! I felt as if I had never seen snow in my life. I was so excited. I snapped these two photos-one of our porch, and one out the window of our street, not such great ones but you can get the idea! It continued to snow more all afternoon leaving a beautiful white coat. Wade and I learned we don't have a scraper and we weren't prepared at all to get our car our of the snow. We will keep learning! I'm sure this is not THAT big of a deal to all the NWI peeps, but all my peeps on the West side-this is cool, right? It was beautiful, and I was praising God for His beauty and wonder.
Oh, and I have a great Veggie Towel story! The girls and I went to a women's day at church and we

all bought these veggie towels some lady made. They were really cute, and we decided to take some photos with them. We laughed way too hard trying to be silly. In this one we tried to act "surprised" like someone just called our name and we were turning around to say "what?". Except Jen took "surprise" to mean "scared!"
Oh, and watch out for Arianne because she will cut you like butta! :)

It was great fun!
Here is a closeup of my eggplant Veggie towel! SO CUTE!


To Think is to Create said...

Funny, I didn't even think of taking a pic of the snow!

I can't believe you posted that pic of us...I'm scurrred!

This Military Mama said...

oh my gosh! I blogged about snow too! Crazy!

Love the pictures. Arianne's butta chop is great!

Mommy Instincts said...

i officially look a little stupid.

Next time, just tell me to smile. LOL.


Shooly said...

I can't wait to be in snowy weather. Seems so nice and peaceful, cozy-up-by-the fire type weather.