Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our trip!

Our trip to Arizona was a big challenge! It was our first time traveling with Capri, and she was still recovering from an ear infection! This made me a little scared about flying with her... I hoped we weren't doomed to flight full of tears.

She made the whole flight great! She was still super high-maintenance but all of our efforts worked, and the tears were contained! Wahoo!

Wade's family picked us up at the airport and they were SO excited to see her, it was adorable.
The rest of the day was a challenge as we drove 4 hours south of Phoenix to Wade's parents beach house. Some of you might know this.... but Capri hates the car. I can't even tell you how many people share stories of their babies LOVING the car, and it even being the only way they can get their babies to sleep. Well, not my child, she hates it with a fiery passion! But, we managed, and finally made it to Mexico after about 13 or so hours of traveling.

Well, Capri loved the beach! Who doesn't? She napped and smiled her way through the weekend. I guess all those negative ions brought her some much needed peace. Our first day out, she was in the water sling (thanks to Steph) and she fell asleep and I got to have a beautiful walk where I took some pictures.Her very first swimsuit!
Totally asleep!

Isn't it gorgeous? This photo isn't even enhanced, it was THAT blue!This is after the water went WAY back to show the rocks (we were in ROCKY POINT!)

Some footprints
Our little family...

And some sand touching....
(Sorry, I can't figure out how to turn the video, since I turn the camera a couple of times, so you gotta turn your little heads... its okay... you will be okay...)

Mom MIL is holding her, my SIL Penny, is talking to her and we are talking about some family stuff.... so just act like you know what we are talking about, or just put your computer on mute and watch the video without sound!

We had such a great trip, and when we returned our last few days were spent with the Aunts (my previous post)!

We had a great time, but it wasn't really a vacation for us. Getting ready, traveling with a baby, seeing so many people, transitioning back home... it was so exhausting. We are STILL recovering and we got home over a week ago!

It was a great trip, we miss our loved ones, but we are happy to be home!

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Anonymous said...

How cool! Gotta get me one of those water slings! How neato! I'm so glad you had a great time with family. Peanut hates the car seat. He'll usually fall asleep, but he hates being in that seat! Oh well! So glad she was able to fly!

Johnny said...

It's so wonderful to get a glimpse into your guys' lives. thanks for sharing. We miss you a ton!

It's a Beautiful Ride said...

I love the pictures and am glad you had very nice vacation. I'm totally looking forward to mine. We're heading to Tennessee.... Mountains galore! Every time I make my way up to a look out point I'm always so amazed even though I've been there so many times before.

Continue making memories girl!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

OMG! I took one look at that watermelon bathing suit and a HUGE smile came across my face!! SO SO SO cute!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Lisa said...

How fun! The water and sky look beautiful. I wish we could have gone to a beach for spring break, but it was not to be. I'm glad you had fun visiting family. It's hard when they are states away. That's how it is for my family.