Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tag-I'm it!

Steph at Adventures in Babywearing tagged me to talk about 7 things that you don't know about me. So... here it goes....

1. I wanted to be a fashion designer growing up.. I even went to FIDM in Los Angeles. I loved school but decided that I didn't love the industry, and I cared more about having a family then working my butt off for a long time for no money. However, I still enjoy me some Project Runway (which is currently on right now)

2. I was 15 when I met Wade at a football game and immediately fell for him. However, I had made a promise with God to not date anyone for a whole year. I kept my crush a secret and became really good friends with him. When the year was up, I told him how I felt, and we have been together ever since!

3.When I was growing up my whole family called me "Tootie". It was a nickname I got when I was really young, and it stuck with me until I got a little older and loathed it. When my first nephew was born my sister decided to bring back the nickname so her kids didn't have the challenge of "Aunt Carrington" and could call me their "Tootie". My best friends calls me Tootie sometimes, and all my nephews do. I enjoy being their Tootie, and I love the nickname now.

4. I LOVE television. I know its not cool to admit it, but I really enjoy many shows. I know I should be outside walking, reading a book or calling a friend...but screw it, I love TV. And TIVO is the best invention.

5.I hate all kinds of seafood, even clam chowder. I very much dislike popcorn too. What's funny is my parents cannot remember this. They love to eat fish and offer to take me out to seafood restaurants all the time, and EVERYTIME we are in a movie, my dad will lean over and say "do you want some popcorn?" Each time I give him crap about it, and he still does not remember... just weird.

6. I am a Jesus lover. I can't claim to know Him all that well, but I am workin' on it. My identity as a Woman is defined by Him, and what He calls me.

7. I am a major girly girl. Pink was always my favorite color, I played with Barbies until 4th grade, and prefer wearing dresses and skirts over pants. I hope my daughter loves girly things too, but my Sister has another, more punk-awesome-rock-star agenda for her. I would actually love to see a blend of both!

8.My husband and I saved ourselves for marriage and our first time was (ahem) VERY productive. :)

9.When I was 16, after having my license for 1 month I was an extremely bad car accident. It was like out of a movie, and I can tell the story later. It involved many cars, was my fault and one of the scariest things I have ever been through. Someone that pulled over to help, ended up getting hurt (the only person who was severely injured) is now in an ongoing lawsuit with myself, the state of Arizona and another driver that was involved. The trial was supposed to be this month, and will be with the Supreme Court of AZ and will change law in AZ no matter what happens (unless it is settled out of court). My parents will forever mourn their beautiful Camero that was lost....oops.

Oh my gosh, I kept going after 7, and just NOW realized it. I guess I was thinking 10 things...well I will keep the 9 things and just give you a little more then you expected!
You're welcome!

Oh, and I tag Jordan to share 7 (9) things we don't know about you!


To Think is to Create said...

This was a fun read...of course I already knew these things, but it's fun to remember again.

I do have to disagree with you on one know Jesus very well. Much better than many bible "scholars" out there. Don't sell yourself short! I punk? Is that what I am? I like "mod rocker" better, maybe "grown-up emo"? LOL Don't put me in a box, man. I'll always be Urban Outfitters to your Anthropologie. Watch, Capri will grow up and be a goth girl. ::shudder::

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I don't think you have to worry about Capri going goth anytime soon... ha!

I do not like seafood or the smell AT ALL and also am not a popcorn fan. I used to manage a movie theatre and haven't really enjoyed it since!


Life With All Boys said...

You don't like popcorn? Isn't that unamerican? And um, I love TV too. And yes, Tivo rocks.

Mommy Instincts said...

Crazy about the car accident. Thank goodness you are okay.

I'd love to see Capri become a girly girl! Pink is my favorite color too! But the best thing is, she will be whatever God wants her to be, no matter what the rest of the world wants. LOL.

I would love to see you on Project Runway! You would so be showing at Olympus Fashion Week and we would all be there to cheer you on.


Sheryl said...

I also luvs me some TV and Jesus!

Lisa said...

It's nice to get to know you. I've linked here from Steph's blog. From your statements, it sounds as if you know God well, and as long as you keep on in that direction, all will be well.
Your baby girl is beautiful! Today is my "baby's" birthday. The youngest of my 3 daughters turned 9 today. I'm feeling old and missing the cuddles of little ones.

Jordan said...

Oh great, I should have known I would've been "tagged" sooner or later. But you're only getting 7 from me, ha ha. And like Arianne, I already knew these things too! I think you could do better...

Love you