Sunday, January 27, 2008


*Wade's arm at a "Tiki party" this summer....his artistry done by Arianne.
With all the pregnant bloggers out there, I started thinking of a funny memory from my pregnancy. While Wade and I were driving out to Northwest Indiana from Arizona this past summer, we stopped at a Pizza Hut. I was really pregnant and getting a little crabby at times, and this Pizza Hut stop was no exception. Wade decided that my crabby needed a name. Well, I didn't like the sound of this, because to me it sounded like he was blaming the baby for my crabby nature. SO.. he said, well then I will blame the Placenta! While we were in Pizza Hut he kept shouting out "Plaaaacennnta" whenever I would "kindly" ask for him to shutup and pass the ranch. I was so embarrassed as WE got crazy looks from people at this tiny little Pizza Hut in a very small random town. I told him that it was not appropriate to yell "Placenta" at me, because people would get confused. Plus, it was gross, its just not a word you wanna yell. So, he compromised and said "Fine, I will call it Centa". I let him have his nickname and tried to ignore him the best I could.

Well, then when we arrived in Indiana, and he told my whole family. So ANYTHING I did, I mean anything I did, I heard someone in the background saying "Cennnnnntaaaa". What they all joke about now is that if I was actually having a "true" Centa moment, you could not even say it because then I would really just ....attack. So it was used only when I was being a little Centa like.

Hopefully all of you little preggo pops will enjoy this story!

Do you guys have any great pregnancy stories? Let me hear them! Mom-I wanna hear one from you too!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

TOO funny! Is that a picture of Wade, too? Jeff's already on board to call my crabby Centa, too!


To Think is to Create said...

In my defense, that tattoo pen was wicked hard to control. I'd like to think my "artistry" is a little better than that! Oh and it's not like that guy ever stands still...

I think it's funny to see that crazy man in the background with the weird hat.

mom on a mission said...

Honestly, that is hilarious. My kids were telling their father tonight that when they notice me starting to "boil," they,ve agreed to go downstairs and meet in the toy room before I blow my top...and I'm not even pregnant! To have a name for it, really, is SO funny!

This Military Mama said...

lol Justin joked about that for a little while too. He used it when I was in labor! Which got him hit.

Justin would just play video games and eventually he moved the consoles upstairs and played in our bedroom. Or he would get me my fav ice cream, donuts, or cereal [my staple cravings this time around]. The funniest of things though was we would be in like a deep serious conversation really talking and talking about our feelings and all, then the next moment I'm running to the bathroom yelling "I got to PEEEEEEEEEEE!"

The Roaming Southerner said...

seriously, an awesome funny post. Aren't husbands great at pushing buttons? But is always nice to see how funny things are when you look back on them. Sadly, I have a "centa"-like button and I am not pregnant

Erin said...

That is precious! :)

Lisa said...

So funny! It's been a long time since I've been pregnant, but I've found out teenagers can bring out very similar physical reactions. If I'm having a particularly bad day, my husband will yell to all within hearing range, "Stay awaaaaaay from the Mom!"