Monday, November 26, 2007


My mom and my sister threw me the best shower ever! I am feeling so grateful to have already met so many wonderful people in such a short time of living here. Friends are so hard to come by and to have so many people that I've only recently met love on me and my baby was incredible.

Capri's middle name is PEARL and so they themed the party with everything pearly white. We even had marshmellows and white chocolate covered pretzels! The food was awesome, we had some yummy scones, dip, fresh fruit and the best cupcakes on the block!

Here is a picture of my pretty "tablescape" (thanks for the word Sis!)

This photo is me opening a special gift from my mom. She gave me a blanket that was made by my great grandma Pearl (Capri's name came from her), and she made it originally for my big sister. I sat and wondered last night if she even knew that the blanket she was making would one day be for her great-great grand-daughter.

There was a really funny moment where Stacy and Steph tried to take a picture of my mom and me. What they didn't know is that I am a blinker, and my mom is the worst blinker of all. I think 15 pictures later of BOTH of them trying we might have gotten ONE. We are so hopeless, we tried every trick... looking past the camera, closing our eyes until they said "3!", looking surprised, not thinking about it, not counting to "catch us off guard", but none of it worked! Here is one that shows me laughing as my mom tries my trick of looking very intense right when they say 3!

Here is one of all the ladies:
From Left to Right:
Brandi, Stacy
Jen, and baby Jonah, Aunt Sherry, Gabrielle
Devena, My mom (Debbie), Danielle and me
Steph, my sis, Janelle and Ashlee

I just want everyone to know how special this time was, and how thankful I am! I felt so loved and I am so happy that I get to learn and grow from all these wonderful women. Capri is so blessed to come into such a warm environment!

Love you all!


This Military Mama said...
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This Military Mama said...

Sweetie I'm so excited that you had such a great baby shower!

I'm glad that you were surround by such great women who made you feel so blessed. You deserve it! You really do!

The shower looks like it was so much fun, Arianne did an amazing job.

I'm so excited for you and Wade. I know you guys are going to be great parents. It's going to be so exciting to finally meet the little one you have been carrying these past months.

Near or far, know that this friend loves your abundently!