Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just about anything

This is one of those posts where I really wanted to write, I really want to reflect, I just can't think of anything to write about. So I thought, maybe as a creative writing exercise I would just start writing and see what came out. Here it goes:

-I miss my husband right now, I am feeling a bit lonely, but yet too tired to be social, I just want him. (He's at work)

-Giving birth is the ONLY thing I think about right now, it consumes most of my thoughts throughout the day. I'm excited, anxious, ready and I just can't wait!

-This Christmas is going to be really hard for Wade and I because we love to give gifts, and we just have no money this year. Are closest family and friends will be getting the same thing.. can't say what it is, but its not much. I am really looking forward to the year when we can really shower people with beautiful things, that will be so much fun!

Alright, I am not really getting very far with this exercise but I can tell you about some posts I look forward to doing soon:

-Pictures of our new place for all the friends and family that can't see it! We are certainly settling in, and loving it.

- A talk about homebirth, I would love to share with everyone how I came to my decision and the reasons why I think its the the best way to give my daughter the best start at life!

- A talk about Arbonne, and my plans for my business. I want to share with you my passion, what gets me excited and what I believe is my purpose.

Okay, well hopefully future posts will have something more to chew on!

Bye for now!


Shooly said...

Sometimes you just have to start writing and see what comes out. A lot of times those will be your bests posts too.

can't wait to hear more about your upcoming posts!

To Think is to Create said...

I know how you feel. Its nice to read you, even if its just about nothing!

Life With All Boys said...

We are in the same boat this year for Christmas. No money. And every year is different. Some times we have money to spend (which is a lot more fun) but then there are years like this when we tell everyone we are only buying for the kids.