Monday, June 23, 2008

The 49er

My dad found the local drive-in, and after thinking about it a little bit, I thought this would be the perfect chance for hubby and I to actually see a movie while it's still in the theaters!

There were a lot of really neat things about it. We left a little early, so Capri was happy in the car (she hates the car, and the only way to go even 20 minutes away is with a portable dvd player in her lap), and we got some yummy food and found a great spot.

It was a new experience for us, and it was beautiful. This is definitely a mid-west thing. There were families with tons of little kids running around. Some children had their pj's on ready to fall asleep watching the movie in the back of their van.

There was Christian music playing through the speakers; groups of teenagers playing bean bag toss, and couples cuddling up with blankets. We didn't know if it was going to work out, because it had been raining, but the rain cleared up, and left a dewy beautiful evening.

We were able to see a double feature for the price of one. The previews were all old fashioned and we snacked on popcorn and pop. Before the movie started everyone sang the National Anthem, it was really cool.

I'd love to say that Capri fell asleep, and we enjoyed a happily ever after evening, but it didn't really end up that way. Capri refused to sleep, and ended up staying up all night from being off of schedule. We hope to try again, try some other tricks and have an easier time, next time. But we are still so excited, since this was our closest thing to a night out since Capri was born.
On the way

This made me laugh so hard, she was posing for me but totally looking at something else!

Getting ready to start the movie

Playing with daddy's pop



We saw kung-fu panda which was adorable, and the incredible hulk, which was horrible! (oh my gosh I'm officially a mom enjoying the kids movie more)

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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! It has been years since I've been to a drive-in. I'll have to add that to our list of fun (and inexpensive) things to do. We took them to the regular theater to see KungFu Panda. It was cute. The Hulk is definitely not on our list of movies to see.

Hyperactivelu said...

we love our drive in. its about a 30 min drive, so we don't go very often, but i think you can see two movies and get the whole car in for like $10. its a great deal. we haven't attempted to do it with kiddos... maybe sometime this summer! glad y'all had a nice evening! love the pics!

Mimi's Toes said...

Looks like a fun evening. We use to love going there.
I really enjoyed our time yesterday morning getting things ready for the shower..the 3 of us made a good team...Steph is so blessed to have you and your family in her life.

Crooked Eyebrow said...

I love the drive in!
how wonderful that you did get to go, even with capri.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How fun! Every kid needs to experience the drive in!


Not Just Any Jen said...

Ha! i am totally cracking up that you saw Kung-Fu Panda! And that you thought it was cute.

Maybe I should reconsider. Brent promised the kids a 49er this summer.

Lynette said...

I love going to the drive-in and I am so glad you got to experience it and that it was enjoyable. Great pictures too! The drive-in brings back so many good summer memories of this area. I will totally miss it!

Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun! A drive in just opened here, and it hadnt occurred to me that we could go see a movie there with our new baby! Yay!