Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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My bloggy friend Beth, who is fabulous, smart, witty and adorable, whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few weekends ago- is going through a devastating loss. Please pray for them, that they will have supernatural strength to survive right now.

We have been adjusting a bit to Wade's new work. He is working the night shift from 12PM-8AM. It's not the worst schedule because we get to see him in the evenings, but it has been a transition for sure. He has also been required to work a bunch of overtime, with no time off. It's a blessing to us financially because the Lord knew we needed this money, but it is a major sacrifice on his part. I am so proud of him for working so hard, and so long and he comes home joyful, and excited to see Capri and I. His desire to provide and take care of his family is a beautiful thing to see. He is an amazing husband, and I just hope that we are able to adjust to this new schedule soon so we can find some time for the two of us! I miss him a bunch because he has been working so much and I have been SO sick this past week and a half that he hasn't been able to talk to me, or touch me.

The Lord is providing for us in a big way with this job right now, and we are so grateful but we are constantly looking ahead at our future, and wondering what God's plans are. We aren't satisfied with living paycheck to paycheck and barely getting by. We aren't satisfied with a mundane existence. The leap from the mundane to our dreams seems to be getting more and more difficult. We know we can't live this way forever, but it has been really difficult to make that next step, but I think we are getting there.

I've started back at my job and other then getting sick for a week, things are going great. Capri is finally adjusting I think to being at my sisters house. I think she is also finally starting to get over the Colic, praise the Lord.

Even though being sick is horrible, it gave me the opportunity to spend the whole week in bed, with her, falling more and more in love and getting tons of cuddles. How is it possible to love a child THIS much? I think about blogging about my love for her, but then I realize that I would never be satisfied with anything I communicated because I feel it simply can't be communicated, it just can't. I don't think anyone (other then my husband) can understand how much I love Capri, and why I love all the little things she does. She has my heart for sure, and brings me so much joy every day. Two days ago... she giggled for the first time! Oh my gosh, a giggle from her is just the most precious sound.

We are really looking forward to our trip to Arizona in a few weeks. We will be going down to our parents house in Mexico for a few days at the beach (jealous? huh? huh?). I look outside at all the snow and freezing temps and just day dream about being on that beach! We look forward to spending time with family and friends and introducing Capri to many of our loved ones for the first time!

Project Runway season finale is coming up, and I am so excited... will you be watching??

Oh, and as soon as I get a chance I will be adding a blog roll to my page so you can all check out some of the other bloggers I read, and have fallen in love with! So check back soon!

Have an awesome day!


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To Think is to Create said...

Aw. :) I have to disagree with you tho, I think any person who has had a child understands the love you have for Capri. Especially a mother to a child...the kind of bond that is spiritual and awesomely powerful. Blows me over every day.

Shooly said...

Great post. I'm sorry you've been so sick lately. I can't understand what it must feel like to love your child so much. I can only imagine and hopefully someday I will share the feeling.